Kangrun KAEser 1000

     Throughput: Up to 120 tests/hour 
     Linear Correlation ≥ 0.999

Kaeser 1000

Sample-Reagent barcode intelligent identification

Liquid level detection, plugged needle alarm, air suction alarm, Intelligent monitoring,supplements and alarm and cleaning fluid.


Accuracy | CV<3%


Background noise


Sample probe carryover <1.0ppm




Liquid level detection, plugged needle alarm, air suction alarm

Real-time monitoring and alarm of reagent​

Intelligent monitoring, supplements and alarm of cleaning fluid​

Intelligent monitoring, emissions and alarm of effluent​

Waste overload indication, alarm​

Real-time self-diagnosis, self-repair, self-protect​

Maintenance function

Optional ratio for sample dilution

Unique incubation and washing mode​

Mixing Function​



Graphic User Interface, 15-inch Touch Screen​

Supporting LIS Bidirectional Data Transmission​

Round-the-clock Online Remote

Technical Support and Maintenance

Multi-Language Support




ThroughputUp to 120T/h
Principle of LuminescenceOpen system CLIA or CLEIA
Modes of OperationRandom, Batch and STAT
Sample LoadingUp to 24 sample tubes
 Continuous loading, STAT available
 Barcode reader recognition or analyzer automatic numbered
 Sample information automatic read
Reagent Loading15 reagents on board
 Continuous loading
 Barcode reader recognition
 Refrigerated reagent area
Reaction Cuvette≥ 130 Continuous loading
Sample Probe Carryover< 1.0 parts per million
Linear Correlation≥ 0.999
AccuracyCV ≤ 3%